3 Tips to Reduce Framing Waste on the Jobsite

reduce framing waste

You can reduce framing waste on the jobsite if you spend a little time in the planning phase, leverage available technology and make some changes to the way you approach measurement and cutting.


Framing contractors – as well as carpenters, wood flooring installers and other tradespeople who deal with lumber – typically build an assumed percentage of waste into their project estimates. For many contractors, waste accounts for more than 10 percent of their material use. 


If you find ways to reduce or even eliminate waste, you will improve profitability and eliminate the need to haul wasted stock to the dump or recycling center. 

 reduce framing waste

No. 1: Plan Ahead to Reduce Framing Waste

Framers are typically provided with a framing layout before starting a project. Even so, how often have you arrived on the job to discover that the project doesn’t look much like the construction plans? 


Coordinating with the general contractor in advance of your start date will help you stay abreast of any changes to the project design and allow you to adjust your lumber order accordingly. That way, when you show up to start work, you’ll already have a plan of attack in place.


No. 2: Minimize Lumber Waste with Technology & Best Practices

Technology has provided a variety of ways to reduce build time and waste for framing projects. Advanced framing techniques are designed to optimize wood and other materials for the purpose of balancing structural integrity with the need to reduce waste and lumber use.


You can also choose one of the many software packages that are currently available for framers and other woodworking contractors. You simply enter your materials and sizes and the programs create cutting diagrams designed to optimize your lumber use. 


Some of these programs (like MaxCut) even offer a free version of their software.


No. 3: Let a Jobsite Cut Station Help Cut Framing Waste

No matter how carefully you plan, measuring and cutting mistakes mean wasted lumber. All the cutting diagrams in the world can’t prevent these errors – but a jobsite cut station can. 


The CutHub system was designed with three primary goals in mind:


  • Reducing risk

  • Reducing ergonomic strain

  • Reducing waste


CutHub puts you and your crew on the same level with the lumber and saw, reducing the risk of binding and kickback. And, because you can stand upright to do your cuts, you can avoid all the pressure and strain you experience when cutting on the ground or a makeshift saw table. 


When you’re not straining your body and you can see what you’re doing, you’ll be much less prone to making expensive and potentially dangerous cutting mistakes. 


CutHub’s revolutionary measuring and brake stop features essentially eliminate the potential for measuring errors. You’ll get perfect cuts every time. In fact, CutHub is so easy to use, even a novice can be making journeyman-level cuts in just a few minutes.


Contact us today to request your free information package on the CutHub jobsite cut station system. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with its many features and the ease with which it can help you reduce framing waste on your projects.