A Portable Jobsite Cutting Station Saves Time & Money

A Portable Jobsite Cutting Station Saves Time & Money

Have you considered a portable jobsite workbench for your cutting station?

If you’ve ever spent a day on the job working from the ground or on a makeshift cut station, you know the problems this presents. The typical commercial stand you buy from the lumber yard doesn’t provide any real solutions and often creates more problems than it solves. Building your own portable workbench isn’t practical either because of cost and time to set it up, and even then it is never portable.

So what are your alternatives?

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The Challenges of the Makeshift Jobsite Workbench

At one time or another, every professional carpenter, framer and woodworker has had to work on the ground. If you're smart, you will at least You throw down a piece of plywood to get out of the dirt, set your saws on it and get to work. But to say this arrangement is dangerous and counterproductive is an understatement.

All day long, you bend over to measure, mark, square and cut your lumber. Besides the inherent safety risks, this takes a serious toll on the body. At the end of the day, your back and legs are more tired than they should be and your knees are complaining.

It also takes a toll on your construction schedule which consequently affects your budget. You can’t work at maximum capacity, so you don’t get as much done in a day. And your waste pile is much larger than it should be, thanks to working on the ground all day.

You shake your head and vow to bring out the sawhorses the next day so you can stand up to ease your aching body from the day before. You may even attempt to get away from using the skilsaw because you know you can make better cuts, but a temporary table made from a couple of sawhorses, plywood and a few clamps just doesn’t cut it — so to speak. Uneven ground and lightweight construction can cause the plywood surface to be unstable. This places whoever is using the chop, miter or circular saw at risk of injury. It also does very little to address your efficiency, quality, safety and waste problems.

You could build your own heavy-duty cut station out of lumber (and many of us do), but it takes time and materials. Besides, the time and effort it takes to break down after you are through is energy better spent moving to the next jobsite.

A Better Portable Jobsite Workbench

You can find plenty of portable cut benches and saw stands on the market, but these are typically small and unstable, with few features that are useful on the jobsite.

That’s why we invented the CutHub.

The CutHub System is a portable cut station that is your ticket to a quick, safe, and efficient cutting table — and it has more useful features than any jobsite workbench on the market. It is so light that one person can set it up or take it down in less than 3 minutes, and when folded, it fits easily in the back of your truck or work trailer.

The CutHub stand securely holds most types of jobsite saws, utilizing its adjustable mounting plate and table saw mount.

What’s even better is that with CutHub system, there’s very little use for a measuring tape, pencil, square, tool bags, and skilsaw. The CutHub has a revolutionary, patent-pending built-in brake stop and measuring system on its frame, which is longer than almost any bench on the market. This dramatically enhances the speed, accuracy and quality of your cuts. Safety and comfort also improve with this upright, stable bench system because it allows your fingers and hands to stay away from dangerous tipping, balance, and pinching points which is where most injuries occur.

The CutHub is so easy to use that you can train a true novice to make safe, fast and accurate cuts within minutes! Now your newest employee can provide you with quality cuts, fast cuts, and safe cuts on the first day instead of taking weeks or months to train.

No other portable workbench or cut station on the market can compare to the CutHub, and we would like to prove it. Contact us today to request more information on the CutHub portable jobsite workbench system.