Avoiding Common Lumber & Woodworking Construction Site Injuries

Woodworking and construction injury risk

Construction site injuries are unfortunately common and, in most cases, preventable. Woodworkers, carpenters, framers and others who deal with lumber, saws and cutting are especially vulnerable.

If you work in this at-risk category, it’s important to take proactive steps to protect yourself and your employees.

Fortunately, you have many available, affordable options for doing exactly that.

Woodworkers, Carpenters & Framers at Risk for Construction Site Injuries

Data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics details the injury risks faced by construction workers engaged in various types of carpentry, woodworking, framing, etc.

Specifically, these workers are at risk of being injured by building materials – including wood and lumber – and cutting tools, including chop saws. But carpenters and woodworkers also face a high risk of positional and motion-related injuries.

Orthopedic and repetitive motion injuries are the common result of bending, reaching and placing the body in non-natural positions that place stress on bones, muscles and other soft tissues.

Protecting Workers from Construction Site Injuries

The first way that construction companies can protect workers is by requiring protective equipment. Hardhats, steel-toed work boots, safety goggles and work gloves can help minimize the risk of many injuries.

Encouraging (or requiring) workers to stretch and warm up prior to beginning work can help prevent or minimize orthopedic injuries. Bring in a safety consultant to train your workers on the proper way to lift, climb and perform other potentially risky movements.

However, even these proactive steps cannot help you prevent some types of construction accidents – specifically those related to lumber cutting on the jobsite. What can help is a jobsite cut station designed to protect anyone who uses a saw to cut lumber.

Jobsite Cut Stations Protect Woodworkers on the Job

CutHub is a portable jobsite cut station that’s sturdy enough to handle even the most demanding jobs. It’s also light and highly portable, so that one person can set it up, break it down and transport it to and from the job.

CutHub protects your workers from orthopedic and repetitive motion injuries by getting your work up, off the ground. This eliminates the bending, twisting, reaching and other risky movements that can leave workers with painful back injuries.

By providing a strong and stable cutting surface, cuts become significantly safer. Workers won’t have to worry about injuries that result from kickbacks, binding and tipping points. Even unskilled workers can make cuts safely and effectively.

Protecting yourself and your crew from injuries is important for many reasons. Jobsite injuries can sideline workers, potentially for weeks or months. In the worst accidents, you could even sustain a permanent or fatal injury. The legal liability you face if one of your crew sustains an injury of this nature could cost you everything.

Learn more about CutHub today, by visiting our website or contacting one of our team. We look forward to showing you how CutHub can protect you and your crew from woodworking-related construction site injuries.