Miter Saw Tables Solve Wood Flooring Contractor Challenges

Miter Saw Tables Solve Wood Flooring Contractor Challenges

Can a good miter saw table really make that much of a difference for your wood flooring contractor business? 

Actually, it can. 

Miter Saw Tables Solve Wood Flooring Contractor Challenges

When you think about how many cuts your crew makes every day — plus the time it takes to set up and break down your jobsite cut station — the right miter saw table could save you time and money, reducing mistakes and improving safety.

Set Up Your Jobsite Cut Station Quickly with a Miter Saw Table

Many seemingly capable wood flooring contractors go from jobsite to jobsite with the same cut station requirements. Yet each time they throw together a makeshift setup using sawhorses and plywood, or worse, try to make their cuts on the ground. 

A portable, multipurpose saw table can do away with all that nonsense, and your crew can set up a stable, reliable cut station in minutes. Ideally, you should choose a saw stand that one crew member can set up, tear down and transport.

A Miter Saw Table Helps Reduce Errors and Waste

One of the biggest problems with a makeshift cut station is that it can be especially difficult to make accurate measurements and professional cuts when bent over, working on the ground or struggling with a rickety surface that isn’t level.

A miter or chop saw stand — especially one with an onboard measuring system and brake stop — puts your crew on stable footing and provides the tools necessary to prevent mistakes. You’ll get the job done faster with less waste, and that translates directly to your bottom line.

Improve Safety 

Like any conscientious business owner, you ensure that your crew has safety goggles, hard hats, steel-toed boots and good work gloves to help prevent accidents and injuries. But if workers are bent over, making cuts on the ground or on an unstable, makeshift surface, they’ll risk kickbacks, binding and dropped boards. Plus, bending, kneeling and squatting all day long can bring on orthopedic problems.

When you give them the ultimate safety tool — a good miter saw stand — you can reduce or even eliminate many of the safety issues that plague wood flooring contractors. You can potentially minimize workers’ comp claims too, saving money on your annual insurance premiums.

But where can you find a chop saw table that meets all these requirements?

CutHub is a different kind of jobsite cut station. The revolutionary design focuses on safety, accuracy and speed, putting your crew on the same level as the saw. The revolutionary measuring system eliminates measuring and marking, and the stable surface helps eliminate binding and kickbacks.

And even better, CutHub is so easy to use that you can have inexperienced workers making journeyman-level cuts in no time. 

If you want to improve your productivity, safety and profitability, contact us today to learn more about CutHub, the miter saw table that does it all — and more!