Train Faster. Build Faster.

Build Faster

Gain a dramatic competitive advantage. Make easy repeatable cuts.

Your crew is already cutting blocking, TGI blocks, decks, window packages and siding with a skill saw so you might as well cut the time and hassle in half. Shave off precious hours each job on tasks that really shouldn't take that long. Build faster than your competition who is doing it the old way. 

If you are building apartments, CutHub will be your money maker. One crew reported that normally it would take their four man crew 90 hours to frame an apartment complex. With the CutHub workstation on their site they saved 25 hours.   

Train Faster

Get new employees up to speed

The first thing general contractors notice once they put a CutHub on the job is how much quicker their new employees are. It can take time to train someone to be quick with a skill saw and difficult to find qualified help. The CutHub will have your most inexperienced worker keeping up with the rest of the crew. Because your new employees will be spending less time with the saw, you can spend more time teaching them how to build.

When we first had the CutHub on one of our personal jobs we hired a teenager who had no experience framing. We taught him how to use the CutHub workstation and gave him a cut list for the entire house. After five days he was so far ahead of our journeymen that he had cut everything for the entire house. He had never touched a saw in his life. 

With a CutHub workstation on your job you will complete projects quicker and your new employees will contribute sooner. You will have the ability to move on to new jobs and increase your earning potential.  

Efficiency Is Doing Better What Is Already Being Done

Change the way you work

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Accurate Cuts=Easy Framing

When every single cut is dead on, building is easy. No recutting or rebuilding. Your new guys will be cutting as square and clean as an experienced journeyman. 

Work standing up

Say no to crack.

Tired of bending over to measure, square, and cut? Sick of seeing your employee’s butt crack? Time to say goodbye to a sore back and butt crack. Stand up while you work and accomplish the same tasks easier and faster. 

The CutHub provides a convenient workstation for you to cut and build. CutHub will not only maximize the potential of your saws, CutHub will maximize the potential of your body. 

Stand up and be a man

Save time and money

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CutHub Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your CutHub after the first 30 days you can return it and get your money back guaranteed.

We are confident you will love the product but if not call (888) 288-7767 or email kent@cuthub.com within the 30 day time frame of receiving your CutHub. 

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