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Don't take our word for it.
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Adam runs an exterior siding company in Utah.

An interesting thing that I've noticed is since work has picked up and we have these, my paper work has gone up because we have more projects that we have to get done which means I've got to be billing more out because we are rolling through it faster. It's a big time difference maker.


Shot Builders, Alberta Canada

We’re big fans of having a chop saw on site for almost any size of job. As is the case with most framers, the only stand capable of handling the material we use is one we build ourselves.

The stand is almost all high grade aluminum and is built for a production environment. The number one benefit is the built in stop-It’s beefy and accurate.


DIY Carpenter

Since I’m now 52 years old, I have no interest in getting down on my knees to cut something with my chop saw or circular saw and I simply don’t feel safe using the table saw on the ground either.
The Cut Hub “enables” all the tools I already have. No more bending over or kneeling on the ground to make cuts. Everything is within easy reach.

If you want to have fun actually using tools the way they should be used and you like having extra time for that outdoor activity after the project is finished, there simply is no better compliment to the tools in your shed than the Cut Hub. It literally makes a chop saw and table saw come alive. 

John Bateman

Bateman Building Company

The combination of miter and bench saw stand/workstation/fence system is way more than the sum of its parts. Easy to set up and break down and made to last, Cut Hub helps even our least experienced crew member to be productive at a much higher level. Using the Cut Hub has helped me and my crew find efficiencies in places we had never even thought about before. We love the Cut Hub!

Sterling is a general contractor who was one of our first customers to purchase a CutHub workstation.

 I made a cut list. Headers, trimmers, cripples, everything for seven or eight walls. I gave two guys the list and said, "Go cut this." They were inexperienced guys. Normally that type of thing would have taken them three or four hours with some cuts not being the greatest....twenty minutes later they come up to me and they ask, "Okay now what?" and I turned to them and I said, "No, the whole list, cut the whole thing." and they were like, "Yeah we're done." I looked behind them and sure enough they had eight different packages set up and cut and I had to find something else for them to do. 

Quality is up and production is up too and as a business owner what else are we looking for? 


Horizon Builders

I run a small crew, just me and two guys, so the price-tag was a little hard to swallow but I've owned the Cut Hub for four months now and the bottom line is that the CutHub pays for itself.


Residential and Commercial Framer

This tool is a game changer! I can easy cut for my three guys now and even stay ahead of them with perfect cuts. It will more than pay for itself within 1 or 2 jobs. I absolutely love it!

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Change the way you work.

Ben owns a finish carpentry and cabinet business. He was a skeptic at first but became a believer.

I was a tad bit skeptical, I thought it was going to be too long and too big for my work I try to find a place where I can set up the whole thing. The money isn't really an issue once you realize what you got. 

Are you ready to change the way you work?

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