Reduce Risk

Safety doesn't have to compromise speed

CutHub miter saw stands and table saw stands prove that safety and speed can work together.

 speed vs safety

It's hard to find a tool that makes you faster AND safer at the same time.

Sometimes it feels like speed and safety are two magnets repelling each other. You have to choose to sacrifice speed for safety or sacrifice safety for speed. CutHub miter saw stands and table saw stands are entirely portable workstations that combine both elements of speed and safety to help you increase your bottom dollar.

When we invented the CutHub workstation we knew we wanted something that would keep our crew safe. Our crew is like family and we wanted to do everything in our power to decrease accidents so they could go home to their families at night intact. Despite wanting the best for our employees we still had a bottom line to worry about and making deadlines. That's why we engineered the CutHub to make our guys quicker while maintaining and even improving their safety.

CutHub miter saw stands eliminate falling lumber, keep you standing in an upright position, significantly reduces saw accidents, and still allows you to be as efficient as you would be with a skill saw. The CutHub has a built in ruler and measuring brake stop which helps make  changing cuts and measurements easy.

Our table saw stand is equally innovative. Rip a full sheet of plywood by yourself and avoid dangerous situations like awkward pivot points or new employees pulling a sheet through too fast and causing a kick back. CutHub extension wings attach to the table saw stand so you can easily manage ripping plywood and long lumber. 

Owning a CutHub will instantly reduce risks on your job site and allow you to maintain your pace. 

60% of construction workplace injuries occur within an employee’s first year.

Statistic: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Training a new employee to use a skill saw can be a long and hazardous process as they slowly become more competent. Put them on the CutHub and they will instantly be safer and faster with little training. 

34% of construction workers self report back pain

Statistic: Center for Construction Research and Training

Not all of us are young and fit anymore. As you get older you stay sore just a little bit longer and bending over everyday the rest of your life for hours is just not sustainable.  With the right tools you can start saving your body a lot of pain.

79,500 people
seek medical treatment for saw-related injuries. Of these injuries, fingers account for over 89%.

Statistic: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Even the most experienced carpenters will have unexpected accidents with their saws. The CutHub workstation helps keep your fingers out of the danger zones and avoid close calls.

CutHub Table Saw Stand

A table saw stand revolutionizing the construction industry

Table Saw Stand Features

Mounts most name brand saws

Extension wings for extra workspace

Rip a full sheet of plywood by yourself

Adjusting legs for uneven terrain

Light weight saw stand

Table Saw Safety

CutHub elevates your table saw allowing you to make your cuts while standing up. So what's the difference between the CutHub and a regular table saw stand? The extension wings and long table provide the extra space you need to rip plywood by yourself and not worry about falling lumber and awkward weight distribution as you run your lumber through. Once you use it, you won't want to go back.   

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CutHub miter saw stand

More than a saw stand

Miter Saw Stand Features

Mounts most name brand miter saws

Miter saw mounting plate with the option to add another

Measuring brake stop system

Slide between measurements effortlessly

Stand up while you measure and cut

Long tables to lay lumber on & adjustable legs

Extension wings for extra workspace and building


Measuring Brake Stop

A built in ruler and sliding brake stop lets you glide between cuts and measurements. Take your tool belt off while you work on the CutHub.

Your new employees will be up to speed using a saw on their first day.

Miter Saw Safety

Bending over all day with a saw blade running inches from your foot can be exhausting. Some of the leading injuries on construction crews are finger and back injuries.

At CutHub we recognize we can't completely eliminate the need for a skill saw but we can reduce the amount of times that you have to use it. Stand up while you work and keep those fingers attached.

Stand Up & Be A Man.

No one wants to see your butt crack anymore.
Get a CutHub.

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