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A new breed of saw stands

More Than a Stand

A modular workstation specifically designed to improve productivity, efficiency and safety

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What we do best

We specialize in designing custom workstations for any trade from frame to finish.


Functional & Simple

Measuring Bump Stop

Our goal was to reduce time spent on repetitive cuts. That's why we built our patented sliding bump stop to glide between measurements. Now even your inexperienced cutters can make quality cuts every time. 

Mount Name Brand Saws

Universal Mounting

We didn't want to exclude anyones favorite brand so we engineered our mounting plates to accept all major saw brands.  After initial installation, saws can come on and off quickly and easy.

Make it Yours

Dozens of Options Available

Build Your CutHub Now

Stow and Go

Tough & Mobile Workstation

Light enough for effortless set up and take down but durable enough for your toughest jobs. Each table folds up and can fit in the bed of a truck.

EZ Adjust

Individually Adjustable Legs

We know every job site doesn't have ideal flat spaces to set up on. We built each leg to be individually adjustable to compensate for uneven terrain.

Table saw workstation

Rip Safely With One Person

We got sick of falling lumber, awkward tipping points, white knuckles, and needing two people to make one rip. We went to work and engineered the ultimate job site table saw mount and out-feed table.

Dual Purpose

Shipping Boxes

The boxes we ship your Cut Hub in double as a storage unit for your trailer, truck, or van. It’s lined with carpet to keep your system in the best condition possible. Little details matter to us. 

Build more efficiently

Quick Return on Investment


"I can actually keep ahead of my 8 man crew by myself when I’m cutting on the Cut Hub workstation.  Anyone who takes efficiency and productivity seriously needs to take a hard look at the Cut Hub system.”

Brian (Commercial Framing, UT)

You would have to be crazy not to want this thing on your job.  It’s tough, easy to set up, and a breeze to work on.  You can take someone who knows next to nothing about power tools and have them making safe and accurate cuts for you within minutes."

Dave (Remodel & Rennovation, Toronto)

"The Cut Hub has become such an integral part of how we operate on a daily basis now that I wouldn’t even think of working without it.”

Adam (ExterPro Siding, UT)

I love our Cut Hub system.  My guys are not only working safer but they are going faster now too.  The guys at CutHub take care of you as well.  When you need something, they are on it.”

Gerald (Framing, MO)

I was skeptical and the price scared me at first.  I now have two Cut Hub systems (one for each of my crews) and they are a difference maker worth every penny."

Dan (Frame to Finish, Canada)

I like the Cut Hub system so much I bought a second workstation. I like efficiency."

Ron (Rough framing & fine finishing, CA)

I unfortunately damaged one of the support pipes on my Cut Hub when I dropped a beam on it.  The guys and CutHub had the replacement part out to immediately so I could get back to work.  I don’t like working without the CutHub."

Eric (Trim Carpenter, IN)

Everything on our Cut Hub Pro workstation is running smooth as silk!  I love the adjustable legs that allow me to have a flat cutting and working surface regardless of the ground beneath.  The measuring bump stop is killer.  I seriously can’t imagine working without.  It was well worth the money!”

John (Deck builder, OH)

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We want to be honest with you, CutHub workstations are a high end investment. They are designed to improve quality, efficiency and safety. Quotes and prices reflect the time needed to assemble your saw to your specifications.