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The CutHub was designed with safety in mind first. No more worrying about binding, kick backs, balance points, or dropped boards as everything on the CutHub is on the same level.
The CutHub uses a patent-pending sliding brake stop in conjunction with a built in adjustable measuring system which eliminates the need to measure and marking before each cut.
Make accurate repeatable cuts quickly and safely using the CutHub System. Easily train new employees to make journeyman cuts within minutes.


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"This tool is a game changer! I can easy cut for my three guys now and even stay ahead of them with perfect cuts. It will more than pay for itself within 1 or 2 jobs. I absolutely love it!
"I love the CutHub. It feels like I get to take the space of my workshop with me to the job site. I can make clean safe cuts and I also have a space to lay boards on to make custom cuts with my jig saw. It makes my life so much easier."

Tough, Compact & Portable
Miter Saw Table

The stand is designed to be strong enough to handle anything a construction site can throw at it...including a 200 lb. man using it as a bench to stand and work on. No need to buy new saws! With the unique adjustable mounting plate and universal table saw mount designed to accommodate most commonly used saw brands, it will feel like it was custom made for the saws you already have. The CutHub is designed with mobility and durability in mind. The CutHub fits nicely in the 6 ft. bed of a pick up and one person can easily handle set up and take down in less than 5 minutes.
Tough, Compact & Portable Miter Saw Table

Safe & Accurate Cuts Every Time

Rethink efficiency with the CutHub work station. Stop bending over to measure, mark, and cut. There simply is no comparison when it comes to using the CutHub. The sliding brake and measuring system will dramatically increase your speed and efficiency on the job site. No more screwing down stops for repeatable cuts. The old way is outdated. It's time to STAND UP AND BE A MAN!
Safe & Accurate Cuts Every Time

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