The Cut Hub Story

Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated business based in Montana's Bitterroot Valley. Our family and business values integrity, hard work, efficiency and honesty. 

What We Do

We specialize in building high end custom saw stands and workstations for all tradesmen. We are proud that each Cut Hub is assembled and shipped from our headquarters in Montana. Each system is hand built and put through rigourous quality assurance tests to ensure you are always receiving the best product on the market.

When We Started

Cut Hub was founded in 2018 but the family has been in the construction industry for over 25 years.

How We Started

CEO Dave Jessop first cut his teeth in the construction industry as a framer on large housing developments in Utah and California. As a young framer Dave was obsessed with quality, safety, and speed so he constantly looked for ways to shave minutes without sacrificing quality or safety.

Dave’s framing crews quickly gained a reputation for not only being the best but the fastest. His obsession with quality and speed eventually led him to develop the Cut Hub workstation.

Dave’s first solution was to build a cut station out of wood on his job sites to improve the quality of cuts, build faster, and reduce the danger of the skill saw. His wooden cut stations (built on top of saw horses) solved the issue of clean and safe cuts but they never lasted long. They were too beat up and too heavy to be worth hauling to the next job site.

Dave searched everywhere for a solution and reasoned that other tradesmen were too. After years of coming up on the short end of products that didn't do enough or simply weren’t strong enough to withstand the treatment of a construction site, Dave took matters into his own hands and designed Cut Hub workstations with the help of Ansync Labs in Sacramento, California.

Hundreds of Cut Hubs can now be found across the US and Canada and are helping tradesmen work more efficiently.