How we started CutHub

Dave Jessop has been in the construction industry for the past 25 years and is currently a general contractor for residential and commercial buildings in Montana, Utah, and North Dakota. Dave first cut his teeth in the construction industry as a framer on large housing developments in Utah and California. Even as a young framer Dave was obsessed with quality, safety, and speed so he constantly looked for ways to shave minutes without sacrificing quality or safety.

As a result, Dave’s framing crews quickly gained a reputation for not only being best but the fastest. His obsession with quality and speed eventually led him to develop the CutHub stand.

Dave Jessop with the CutHub construction industrial Miter Saw Stand

Traditional Miter Saw Stands Just Don't Cut It

For years Dave labored over how he could have his employees make fast and safe cuts with the skill saw, which is one of the most dangerous yet important tools on any construction site. He continually trained his employees on the importance of safety when using the skill saw, but the skill saw is one of those tools that will eventually get you. As a result, Dave has seen his fair share of missing fingers, stitches, and way too many close calls.

Dave’s first solution was to build a cut station out of wood on his job sites in order to improve the quality of cuts, increase speed, and reduce the danger of the saw. His wooden cut stations built on top of saw horses solved the issue of clean and safe cuts but they only lasted for that particular job. Either the homemade cut station was too beat up or too heavy to be worth hauling to the next job site. Dave searched everywhere for a solution and reasoned that since he wasn’t the only one dealing with the problem there must be a solution to such a common problem. After years of coming up on the short end of products that did a little but not enough or products that simply weren’t strong enough to withstand the treatment of a construction site, Dave took matters into his own hands by designing and creating the CutHub work station with the help of Ansync labs in Sacramento, California.

The Ideal Industrial Miter Saw Stand for the Construction Industry

Dave's CutHub addresses literally every cutting issue on a job site. The CutHub is incredibly sturdy and strong enough to handle the rigors of any construction site yet it is light enough to be handled by one person for setup and take-down. Because of the size and easy setup/take-down Dave now has a a cut station that is mobile and tough enough to go with him from job to job. The CutHub, finally puts the stand on the same level as the saw which means no more dealing with binding or dropped boards.  The CutHub incorporates a unique state-of-the-art patent pending measuring system using a sliding brake stop that does away with the need for measuring and marking before each cut.

Simply put, the CutHub has dramatically improved the quality and safety of Dave's job sites.  What took months of training for an employee to be able to make safe and accurate cuts now can be done with only minutes of training.  The CutHub has created the equivalent of journeyman cutters out of rookie employees on the first day of the job. 

A construction site without a CutHub will become a thing of the past!

Journeyman vs Rookie Cutting Challenge

The CutHub is so easy to use that even someone without any experience in power tools can be making fast, safe and accurate cuts within minutes.

On a recent challenge using the CutHub, Dave cut a 2x4 into 14 and 3/8ths blocks using the industry standard of measuring tape, square, and skill saw.  Dave measured, marked, and cut the board into blocks in 60 seconds. Keep in mind, Dave is a 25 year veteran in the industry.

CutHub industrial miter saw table in action next to traditional skill saw

After only two minutes of training, graphic designer Alyse who had never operated a power saw before, was able to perform the exact same task using the CutHub in less than 40 seconds!  Alyse, the rookie, not only beat Dave's time but her cuts were actually cleaner and more accurate as well.

rookie using commercial Miter Saw Stand

Imagine what the CutHub miter saw stand can do for your job site:

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Training new employees
  • $avings!

Once you experience the ease of the CutHub you will wonder how you ever got along without it!