3 Ways a Jobsite Cut Station Benefits Home Builders

jobsite cut station

A strong, versatile and portable jobsite cut station is a smart investment for home builders


Much of what goes into building a house first lands on an ordinary chop saw table or miter saw stand – or, as in the case of some home builders, a makeshift cutting station created from a pair of sawhorses and a sheet of plywood. And, while any of these options can work, none are ideal. In fact, relying on an inferior workstation can lead to a home construction nightmare.


A highly-rated jobsite cut station, on the other hand, is a workhorse that can help home builders complete professional projects on time and within the planned budget. 


No. 1: Improve Jobsite Safety


Injuries from chop saws and miter saws are common among home builders, particularly those who make wood cuts on a makeshift or subpar stand. Kicking and binding often result in serious accidents, and any on-the-job injury can keep an employee away from work for weeks – or even a great deal longer.


The right jobsite cut station can make home building much safer. For optimal safety, look for a large, adjustable-leg workstation with a brake stop system and extension wings to keep wood at the same level through every cut.


No. 2: Minimize Wood Waste


Lumber costs are a concern for any home builder. If your jobsite often has a large waste pile from wood cutting mistakes at the end of the day, investing in a table saw cut station with a measuring brake makes good sense.


With this type of jobsite workstation, measurement errors and bad cuts are much less of a problem. As a result, wood waste is minimized – which, of course, helps maximize the profit margin on home building projects.


No. 3: Maximize Worker Productivity


Skilled tradesmen with expertise in home building are in short supply across the United States. If you’re having trouble finding experienced employees – or you can’t afford to hire them – you’ll need to train new workers. Under normal circumstance, training someone to make quick, accurate cuts can take weeks or even months.


However, some jobsite table saw cut stations, like the CutHub, greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to train unskilled workers. For instance, with the CutHub workstation, inexperienced employees can learn to make journeyman-level cuts within minutes.


Jobsite Cut Stations for Home Builders


So, which jobsite table saw cut station best serves home builders? Experts consider the CutHub workstation to be the top choice.


Once you see all that CutHub has to offer, you’ll understand how this revolutionary system can transform the home building process, making it safer, faster and easier. It’s compact and portable, but also strong and stable. And, the CutHub is the ultimate safety tool, with a revolutionary brake stop system that allows anyone to make accurate cuts without the risk of injury after just a few minutes of training.


We’re confident that you’ll agree – a house is much harder to build without the CutHub workstation. To learn more, or to place your order for the best jobsite cut station on the market, contact us today.