4 Reasons You Need a New Miter Saw Stand or Table

Cuthub Miter Saw Stand being used

A miter saw table or stand is invaluable for making jobsite lumber cuts quickly, accurately and safely. 

For framers, finish carpenters, millwork and flooring contractors or any tradesperson who works with wood setting up a well-thought-out jobsite “shop” is critical. Therefore, It can make a world of difference between a construction nightmare and a fast professional project.

Does your crew show up to the jobsite lugging a pair of sawhorses and sheets of plywood for a makeshift cutting station? Maybe you just throw the plywood down and make your cuts on the ground or, worse, set your saws in the dirt and mud.

Either way, you’re asking for trouble in the form of inaccurate cuts, lost time, wasted lumber and jobsite accidents. 

As a result, a miter saw stand or table is a game-changer. How can a CutHub station help your business?

1. It the Best at It's Job

Did you pick up a commercial miter saw table or stand at the lumber yard? If so, chances are it’s rickety and unstable, potentially causing more trouble than it’s worth.

Your saw stand may not accommodate all your power tools either. This can lead you to further rig together a solution or do part of your cutting on the ground. 

If your portable cutting station still requires you to lug around a tape, square, pencil and other miscellaneous tools, it’s time to find a more comprehensive solution.

2. It Can Reduce Wasted Lumber from Bad Cuts

Is waste blowing your budget, job after job? If your lumber costs are soaring, cutting errors are the likely reason. To clarify, an improvement to the accuracy of your cuts can reduce your materials cost. 

Thus, a good, professional miter saw stand with a built-in measuring system and brake stop can provide the solution you need to make bad cuts a thing of the past.

3. It Can Cut Down on Miter Saw Safety Issues

How often do you or your employees get hurt on the job? If you haven’t had many jobsite injuries, you’re lucky, based on the statistics. Saw cuts are some of the most common nonfatal injuries in carpentry, framing and woodworking trades. 

As a result the Occupational Safety and Health Administration advises woodworking trades to protect their employees and improve jobsite safety by changing the way they do their job. Adding a good miter saw table to your jobsite minimizes risk.

4.Miter Saw Stand Can Save You on Labor Costs

In general, as the construction industry continues to heat up across the United States, trade contractors are engaging in a bidding war for the limited supply of skilled workers. If you can’t find (or afford) experienced employees, you can’t grow your company. Training a cut man can takes weeks or months, under normal circumstances.

If you get a professional miter saw table like CutHub, an unskilled worker can quickly learn to produce cuts as accurate as a journeyman could make.

Secondly, if you’re a professional contractor, you need high-quality tools and equipment to support your work.

Lastly, the CutHub system features a revolutionary design that solves virtually every problem you have with making jobsite cuts. 

Contact us today to learn more about CutHub or to place your order. One glance and you’ll realize that this ain’t your grandpa’s miter saw table.