6 Ways a Miter Saw Stand Beats a Sawhorse Table

A miter saw stand or workstation is worthwhile investment if your construction crew works with wood all day or is constantly making cuts at the jobsite. 


Sure, a temporary sawhorse table is simple and cheap to build – which is probably why so many contractors still use them. However, a stand made from a pair of sawhorses and a couple sheets of particleboard really isn’t practical for on-the-job cuts. Without question, when it comes to wood construction work, a miter saw stand far outshines a sawhorse cut station.  


No. 1: Quicker Setup


When you arrive at the construction jobsite, you want to set up your cut station as quickly as possible. A miter saw workstation is designed for fast setup – one crew member can easily get it ready for use within minutes. Setting up a sawhorse cut station is quick, but not that quick.


No. 2: Safer Cuts


On-the-job saw injuries are common in the construction industry – and making cuts on a rickety sawhorse table does nothing to minimize the risk. A miter saw workstation allows for safer cuts, making the chance of your crew getting hurt on the job much less likely.


No. 3: Easier on the Body


Hours of bending over a sawhorse cut station can take a real toll on the body. Daily stress and strain often create ongoing back pain and mobility issues. With a saw stand, your crew is at the same level with the lumber, so no bending is required. 


No. 4: Better Accuracy


Make your wood cuts on a sawhorse table, and you’re likely to end up with a rather large waste pile at the end of the day – with a rickety, temporary cut station, what can you expect? A miter saw workstation with a measuring brake stop allows for easy accuracy and less wasted wood.


No. 5: Faster Training


If you’re using a sawhorse table, training employees to stay safe and make the wood cuts you need can take weeks – and journey-man level cutting can take months to learn. With a miter saw stand that has an integrated measuring brake stop, a few minutes of training is all it takes for anyone to be able to crank out precise wood cuts.


No. 6: Greater Earning Potential


Wasted wood equals wasted money, and workplace injuries and lengthy on-the-job employee training have a definite impact on your bottom line. Swap out your temporary sawhorse table for a miter saw workstation, and you’ll make a greater profit. 


Ready to put the sawhorse table to rest? Transform the way you work with wood – invest in a CutHub miter saw stand, the best jobsite cut station in the construction industry.


CutHub has a revolutionary measuring system with a sliding brake stop that allows for safe, fast and accurate cuts. With the CutHub, you’ll have less wood waste and your construction crew will suffer fewer on-the-job injuries. And, of course, since the CutHub saw stand is so easy to operate, using it saves time. 


Once you try the CutHub, you’ll never want a sawhorse table at your construction jobsite. For more information, or to place an order for the best miter saw stand available, contact us today.
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