A Miter Saw Stand Makes Deck Building a Breeze

How to build a deck

A good miter saw stand can change your world if you’re building a deck – especially if you build decks for a living. 

Any construction project that involves lumber cuts, particularly when you’re working with longer, heavier stock, will put your methods and equipment to the test. Comfort and safety are a concern for most contractors, as are bad cuts and wasted materials. 

 You can avoid all of these problems, however, if you incorporate a miter saw stand into your jobsite setup..


The Challenges of Building Decks

If you think about it, not much goes into the construction of an outdoor deck that doesn’t first have to pass through a saw. The same goes for building patios, porches, stairs and railings. 


Working onsite, you don’t have access to your usual shop setup. If you’re like most contractors, you either set up your cut station using sawhorses and plywood or, worse, you try making all your cuts from the ground.


This creates a back-breaking scenario that’s as unsafe as it is impractical. Moreover it can lead to binding and kickbacks, putting you and your crew at risk for serious accidents.


A Miter Saw Stand Helps Make Quick Work of Deck Building

A miter saw stand will put you on the same level as your lumber, reducing pivot points increasing consitent cuts. You’ll have less physical tension and fatigue too, which means you and your crew will be less prone to accidents and errors.


Choosing a chop saw stand with a built-in measuring system can help with thosy issues. You can also reduce measuring mistakes and the waste they cause. A saw table will also let you get to work faster and with a greater level of organization. 


For the purpose of deck-building and any other projects where you’re working with long heavy stock, you will have to choose a stand that can handle your materials. 


What Should You Look for in a Miter Saw Stand?

For a miter or chop saw stand that will best serve your needs, you’ll want it to be strong, flexible and portable. You’ll also want it to have certain built-in features – such as a measuring system and brake stop – otherwise you might as well throw some plywood on top of your sawhorses.


Good miter saw tables (and tools in general) have to be versatile because no two projects are ever alike. If you're impact wrenches could only pull out one type of screw. No one would buy them. We think miter saw tables should be the same.


The CutHub system, arguably the best chop saw table in the industry, has it all. In fact, our revolutionary chop saw stand has everything you need to conquer your next project. It’s light enough for one person to set up or break down and it stows quickly and easily into your truck. Jobsite setup is a breeze, letting you get down to business within minutes. You can stand up to make all your cuts. No more bending, reaching or back-breaking contortions. You’ll have plenty of energy left at the end of the day.


Contact us today to learn more about the revolutionary CutHub system, with its patent-pending measuring brake stop. We have packages to meet the needs of every contractor, woodworker, handyman and hobbyist. When only the best miter saw stand will do, remember CutHub.