Can a Proper Table Saw Stand Improve Jobsite Safety?

Cut Hub is a tool that is Safety First

Will using a table saw stand help improve jobsite safety around the use of the power saw?

How many times have you been using a skill saw or table saw and had serious kickback or binding that resulted in injuries? Unfortunately, we all have had too many close calls and almost all of us have the scars to prove it.

“Whew, that was a close one!” you probably said to yourself.

Kickback and dangerous tipping points are just two of the safety problems you’ve likely experienced working with a makeshift cut station in the field. So what’s the best approach for overcoming these inherent dangers?

Using a Circular Saw at the Jobsite

A challenging problem with using a skill saw on the jobsite is the absence of a place to safely cut. Typically, you work on the ground, which requires you to bend over all day. Not only is this tiring, but it’s also a dangerous position from which to get the job done.

Most journeyman carpenters and woodworkers have had a close call with their skill saw. A tool that is arguably the most dangerous tool on the job. In addition the wear and tear on your body over time can lead to medical challenges later in life.

How a Table Saw Stand Addresses Safety Problems on the Job

A table saw stand or similar type of portable workbench can significantly improve your safety on the jobsite.

Choosing a saw table with adjustable legs will allow you to work on uneven terrain. This can make it easier and safer to make cuts and reducing the chances of saw kickback. This will also help you avoid dropped boards, pivot points and binding problems.

If you can combine the chop saw and skill saw function in a single cut station, it will allow you and your crew to move seamlessly between the two.

If you could find a cutting station that combines all these functions AND allowed you to quickly measure, it would arguably be the most valuable piece of equipment on the jobsite. Wouldn't it?

Could the CutHub Table Saw Stand Be the Answer to Jobsite Safety Concerns?

The CutHub table saw stand offers a solution to virtually every jobsite cut station safety concern.

CutHub is a lightweight, portable jobsite workstation that brings unprecedented innovation to the woodworking and construction industries. CutHub incorporates a state-of-the-art, patent-pending, sliding brake measuring system so that even inexperienced employees don’t have to use a square or a measuring tape to make reliable, repeatable cuts safely and accurately.

Teaching a new employee to safely make journeyman-level cuts can take months or even years. However, the CutHub system is unbelievably easy to learn. Furthermore, with the CutHub’s innovative design, anybody (even a worker with no experience) can be trained to make safe, professional cuts within minutes — from an upright, standing position.

This not only improves comfort and safety, but it also increases jobsite productivity and allows you to focus on your work. Finally, you can have safety and efficiency working together.

Portability is a concern for any table saw stand, but CutHub tackles this challenge too. At the end of the workday, simply fold up your CutHub and slide it into the back of your truck or work trailer. Its lightweight but sturdy frame can quickly and easily be set up or taken down in less than 5 minutes.

Make kickback, binding, and tipping points a thing of the past. With the CutHub, you and your crew can stop bending over in the dirt, stand up to the job at hand and keep all your fingers.

If you have any questions about the CutHub, or would like to place an order, contact our specialists and let us help you today! You can give us a call or request more information on our website today.