Miter Saw Workstation: Remodel Made Easy

Miter Saw Workstation Making a Job Easier

When you're on a remodeling job, your miter saw workstation should represent the quality and attention to detail that you bring to your work. 

The last thing you want onsite is an ugly, unsafe, makeshift workstation. They take time to construct, take up too much room and they don’t reflect well on your quality of work. After all, if your equipment is rickety and subpar, why should your customer believe anything different about your work? 

Choosing the right workstation table for your saw can decrease your workload and increase your onsite efficiency. It can also improve your comfort and safety and reduce your legal liability.

A Workstation Saves Times & Money

A miter saw workstation can save you time by reducing time spent setting up and tearing down your work table. It can also save you time by safely making quick and accurate cuts. Think of all the time you can save when you don't have to measure and mark every piece of wood. 

You can also drastically reduce training time when you can teach a novice to repeatedly make accurate cuts with just a few minutes of training.

A Workstation for Your Chop Saw Improves Safety

Protecting workers from workplace injuries is always a top priority. Many crews will work with saws that are on the ground, which forces workers to bend over and makes cuts in an unbalanced position. While a miter saw that is mounted haphazardly on a hand-built cut station increases the likelihood of serious injuries. 

Using a precision-built miter saw station substantially increases your on-the-job safety by allowing you to make your lumber cuts on a level surface. This helps keep your board from binding and creating dangerous kickback, which can cause serious or even deadly results. 

A Miter Saw Station Lets Remodelers Stand Up to the Job

Remodeling crews are a hardworking bunch, spending every shift pushing their bodies harder than most. Lifting, pulling and putting awkward equipment can put a excessive strain on their backs. With a jobsite workstation, you can help cut down the physical strain of their everyday work.

A well-designed cut station brings your crew up off the ground and allows them to work in an upright and balanced position, cutting down on the physical stress that bending over all day to saw lumber creates on the back and legs. Less pain means more efficient workers and reduces time off for stress-related injuries. It can also help reduce workers’ comp claims.

Keep your crew safe and productive with CutHub, the newest and most innovative miter saw stand on the market today.

CutHub has no equal in safety, accuracy, and speed when it comes to chop saw stands. Its portability and durability make CutHub the best choice available today, when choosing a jobsite miter saw workstation for your remodeling and construction projects.