Jobsite Cutting Stations Drastically Cut Training Time

Did you know that a jobsite cutting station is a great way to get even your least-skilled employees quickly up to speed?   

jobsite cutting stations

With a versatile and easy-to-use portable jobsite workbench designed to accommodate your miter saw, chop saw or table saw, you can get even the least-skilled employees to produce accurate cuts quickly. This can save time, reduce waste and ultimately help you improve your bottom line.  

The Challenges of Using Unskilled Labor

Training a novice to be a cut man can take anywhere from six to 12 months. Not only does it take a lot of time to train someone, but you have to pay them while they're learning. This has the effect of taking a valuable team member away from their main duties.  

The bottom line is that unskilled employees can waste lumber by making inaccurate cuts. Dedicating resources to training reduces your profitability and can potentially threaten your schedule and quality of work.   

The CutHub Cutting Station Is a Game-Changer  

Fortunately, the CutHub system portable cutting station offers a solution to this challenge.   

The CutHub is easy to use, and no experience with power tools is necessary. Training an inexperienced person to run the CutJub can take less than an hour, instead of the normal six months to a year that it usually takes to train someone to be an efficient cut man.   

With CutHub, a rookie employee can make safe and fast accurate journeyman cuts the first day on the job.   Imagine what you could teach them in one day, or one week. One experienced journeyman can feed four or five workers smoothly and efficiently.   

As Jobsite Cutting Stations Go, You Can’t Beat the CutHub Advantages   The CutHub system portable cutting station offers benefits you won’t find in other commercially available alternatives.  

SAFE: The CutHub was designed with safety in mind first.   

FAST: The CutHub has a built-in adjustable measuring system which eliminates the need to measure and mark before each cut.  

ACCURATE: Make accurate cuts quickly and safely. Easily train new employees to make journeyman cuts within minutes.  

EASY: Quickly train your employees to produce on the job.  

COST-EFFECTIVE: Reduce wasted lumber and wasted time. CutHub pays for itself in no time.  

VERSATILE: CutHub’s universal mounting plate and table saw mount accommodate most types of jobsite saws.  

This system is ideal for carpenters, framers, siders, handymen or anyone else in the construction industry. It’s also perfect for woodworking enthusiasts and artisans. As portable construction equipment goes, you can’t beat the many advantages offered by CutHub.  

To learn more about CutHub, you can request more information. Or if you’re ready to radically improve your speed and accuracy on the job, you can order your CutHub portable jobsite cutting station on our website today.

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