Portable Workstation for Remodeling Contractors

The Cuthub portable workstation being put away

For remodeling contractors, a portable workstation can mean the difference between a profitable project and one that you barely break even on.

Remodeling projects don’t typically have a large profit margin. Any lost production time or materials waste can significantly impact your profit.

Therefore, a portable worksation can vastly speed up the process, thus helping to get the job done on time. It can also improve the quality of your work and reduce waste. 

Time Is Money for Remodeling Contractors

Construction and remodeling are highly competitive today, which means that your bids will have to be aggressive if you want to get jobs. It won’t take much in the way of lost time or wasted materials to erase the profit you have built into the budget. 

For instance, whether alone or with a crew, you'll need to get the job done as quickly as possible while maintaining quality and safety. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to streamline your job site setup with a portable workstation.

How a Portable Workstation Can Benefit Remodeling Contractors

With a portable workstation, you'll now have a standard setup no matter where your next projects take you. This makes setting up a breeze, as you don’t have to think and plan each time. 

The best portable workstation will serve as a stand for your saws and power tools, facilitate clean, accurate cuts and provide all the functions you need to complete the job. It must be sturdy but light, compact but portable enough to easily transport and store. And it has to accommodate whatever saws and power tools you typically use to complete your remodeling projects.

The CutHub Portable Workstation Solves Remodeling Contractor Problems

The CutHub portable miter saw table provides everything you need to make your remodeling projects a success. 

Transporting your CutHub set up will only take about five minutes for one person. This is thanks to its adjustable mounting plate and universal table saw mount,  It’s sturdy and strong enough to take whatever you can throw at it. And with its unique adjustable measuring system and sliding brake stop, anyone can make accurate, professional-level cuts with minimal training.

The CutHub portable workstation helps improve safety by reducing binding and kickback.

Our customers call the CutHub a game-changer, and we think you will too. Contact us today to request more information or to order your CutHub portable workstation for remodeling contractors.