Saving Time on the Jobsite: Miter Saw Cut Station

The Cuthub Station Saving Time on the Jobsite

The right miter saw table can dramatically boost your crew's efficiency. at the construction jobsite, allowing you to safely complete the tasks at hand much faster. And when you save time on one job, you can move onto the next sooner – which increases your earning potential.

If you’re looking to cut the time it takes your crew to complete their work, without compromising on-the-job safety, investing in a miter saw table makes great sense. Here’s why.

Save Time on Jobsite Setup & Teardown

Construction crews often spend a lot of time setting up the jobsite production area. This can makes a big difference in how long it takes to complete the work. With a saw table, you can have a stable and safe cut station ready to use in minutes. And, when the job is finished, teardown is a breeze.

Save Time Making Accurate Cuts

When every cut is precise, construction work is much faster and easier. With a jobsite cut station that features a precision brake stop, your crew can accurately slide between measurements quickly which means they can make repeat cuts much faster. Not having to pull out a pencil, square and measuring tape for precision cutting is a huge time-saver. 

Train New Employees Faster

Teaching new employees how to work quickly and safely with a miter saw can take months – unless you have a jobsite cut station. A saw table allows even novice construction workers to make fast, accurate cuts after just a few minutes of training. New employees become productive much sooner, so your crew will complete build jobs a great deal faster than the competition.

Save Time on Safety Issues

With a construction jobsite cut station, using a miter saw is much less hazardous. No more falling lumber, no more bending while making cuts and no more kickback, binding or tipping points – these safety issues no longer exist. As a result, your crew is much less likely to suffer workplace injuries.

If you want a faster working crew, without sacrificing their safety, CutHub is the miter saw table you need.

Hands down, the CutHub is the best jobsite cut station available. It not only offers exceptional safety and accuracy, but is also easily portable and highly durable. With its built-in precision brake stop, measuring system, and adjustable legs, the CutHub is the top of its class.

Ready to improve your construction jobsite setup and save time on every building task? Check out the CutHub – once you see how our miter saw table can change the way you work, you won’t want any other jobsite cut station.