The Best Tool for Skilled Craftsmen: The Cut Hub

A Skilled Craftsman using The Best Tool: The Cut Hub

As a skilled craftsman, you've spent years perfecting your skills. Shouldn't you have the best tools that live up to the same standards? 

The quality and versatility of the Cut Hub miter saw table is befitting of your dedication and skills. The Cut Hub helps you save time and money on every job, you will appreciate the value and return on investment it offers.

So how can Cut Hub live up to the lofty standards you’ve set for yourself as a skilled craftsman? 

A Cut Station Expedites Jobsite Setup

Building a jobsite cut station every time you set up shop takes time, materials and labor. In fact, it may take one or more of your crewmembers away from primary tasks. One person can set up and tear down the Cut Hub jobsite worktable by themselves in minutes. This allows the rest of the crew to get right to work. 

As a result, you can complete your project more quickly and efficiently – and reduce your labor costs. 

Improves Comfort and Ease

If you’ve been setting up your cutting station using planks and saw horses, or cutting on the ground, you likely go home with an aching back every day. 

The Cut Hub workstation allows you to remain standing while making your cuts. You’ll complete your cuts quickly and more accurately. No more aching back or knees due to bending or kneeling while using a miter saw on the hard ground.

In fact, Cut Hub allows you to cut boards all day long with virtually no discomfort or fatigue. 

A Cut Station Saves Time & Money

It takes time and money to train a new person to run your cut station, so you have someone to feed lumber to your crew for a whole shift. 

The Cut Hub is unbelievably easy to learn. In fact, you can teach a novice to safely and accurately operate it only a few minutes time. One unskilled worker can feed your entire crew for a shift, allowing your skilled crew members to handle the work they’re qualified to do.

Keeps You Safe

Worksite accidents are a real threat for skilled craftsmen, but the Cut Hub is one of the best tools to improve safety by keeping your saw level and off the ground. It also prevents tipping and causing serious harm to you and your crew.

With Cut Hub, there’s no more bending or getting down in the dirt to make your cuts and no more dangerous kickback or binding, which can cause serious injuries to eyes, fingers or head. Cut Hub also keeps boards from falling and splintering after you make your cut, even further reducing waste. 

There is nothing like the Cut Hub jobsite cut station on the market today. It will expedite jobsite setup and improve your speed and quality of work. It will reduce the risk of injury to you and your workers, which can also help you reduce insurance costs. And our lightweight and portable cut station is easy for anyone to learn and use. 

If you’re ready to transform the way you work with one of the best tools around, contact us today to learn more about what the Cut Hub jobsite cut station can do for skilled craftsmen like yourself.