Will a Jobsite Cutting Station Prevent Framing Accidents?

The Cut Hub Jobsite Cutting Station

A jobsite cutting station can help improve safety at construction sites. 

Residential framing contractors and other trades that work with lumber face a high risk of serious injuries from construction site accidents. Training and experience help reduce the risk of injury. Modern tools and technology also make this work safer, such as the CutHub system jobsite cutting station.

The Extreme Safety Risk of Framing Work

Research shows that among all the specialty trades, residential framing contractors have the highest rate of nonfatal construction accidents. A large portion of those accidents resulted from the use of table and miter saws for cutting lumber.

Not surprisingly, these accidents are due to a variety of factors that include 

  • Constraints of jobsite work platforms 
  • Postural limitations of the jobsite
  • Accuracy of tools and equipment
  • Skill of framing contractor employees

These risks cause a myriad of problems for framing contractors, including sky-high insurance premiums and increased legal liability. Accidents also impact the construction schedule and lead to significant cost overruns.

Mitigating the Risks of Framing & Woodworking

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration specifically cites power tools as the most common cause of jobsite accidents. The most common safety hazards are kickbacks, tipping points, flying wood chips, tool projection and machine hazards, including point of operation and pinch points.

To overcome point-of-operation risks — specifically kickbacks and tipping points — framers need a level, comfortable and safe platform on which to make their cuts without having to bend or contort into dangerous positions. This helps address postural risks as well as increases the accuracy and safety of saw cuts.

To overcome the safety risks associated with unskilled employees, framing contractors need a simple and effective way to get their cut men up to speed.

CutHub System Jobsite Cutting Stations Help Reduce Framing Accidents.

The revolutionary, one-of-a-kind CutHub system can solve most of the safety hazards related to framing cuts while improving accuracy and efficiency. 

This system eliminates the need for framers to bend or contort and puts a level, stable cutting surface exactly where you need it. It also resolves issues of binding, kickback and tipping points. 

Because CutHub is so simple to use, framers can train new employees in hours rather than weeks. This helps address the safety risks posed by unskilled employees trying to use the table saw or miter saw. 

When you add a portable jobsite cutting station such as CutHub to your operation, you will keep your employees safer, reducing your workers comp and liability insurance rates. This, in turn, increases your profit margin. Plus, your employees will be more accurate, further reducing waste and costs.

The CutHub system is a revolutionary solution to some of the most common construction and woodworking challenges. Light, portable, sturdy and easy to set up, even your novice employees will be cutting like journeymen within hours.

We would like to offer you a customized cost-benefit analysis to explore how CutHub can help you. Contact us today to talk to one of our jobsite cutting station experts about how you can reduce your risk of framing accidents.