How to Set Up a Jobsite Cut Station for Framing

How to Set Up a Jobsite Cut Station for Framing

A safe, efficient jobsite cut station is necessary for framing contractors to accurately lay out and assemble walls and other components of their projects.

jobsite cut station for framing  


The right jobsite cut station allows framers to complete projects with quality and accuracy while reducing waste. Faster production — as long as you’re not sacrificing quality and safety — improves profitability and helps ensure customer satisfaction.


Logistics of Framing Efficiency on the Jobsite


Framing contractors need to produce expedient and accurate cuts while ensuring the safety of their crews and others on the jobsite. 


The first priority for efficiency is locating your cut station as close as possible to the lumber. This helps minimize your steps and the need to move materials. But you also want a jobsite cutting station that sets up quickly (so that you can get to work as soon as possible) and tears down just as quickly — ideally doable by one person. 


A good cutting station setup will also help you combine steps, such as measuring, marking and cutting. Finally, getting your miter saw on the same level as the stand will help eliminate the problematic issues of binding and dropped boards.


How to Set Up an Efficient Jobsite Cut Station


Framers can be notorious for improvising their cutting stations on the jobsite. Two sawhorses and a sheet of plywood (or plywood placed directly on the ground) is a common practice, as is trying to make cuts on a stack of lumber. 


But to get to that all-important level of accuracy and efficiency, what framing contractors really need is a proper jobsite cutting station setup


You can find lots of ideas and even plans for building your own jobsite cut station, but do you really want to invest that much time and effort in a makeshift solution? Besides, a site-built DIY cutting station won’t survive for your next project. If it does, you’ll have to take the time to disassemble it, pack up, transport it to the next job and start all over again. 


CutHub Solves Your Jobsite Cut Station Challenges


The CutHub portable jobsite workbench has every feature you could ever imagine — and more — to help improve your efficiency.


It’s light, durable and portable — one person can transport, unload and set up CutHub in about five minutes — and it has countless features that address virtually every challenge you have. The patent-pending measuring system with sliding brake stop takes the guesswork and hassle out of measuring, marking and cutting. 


With fewer mistakes, you’ll not only increase your productivity, but you will also decrease waste. And because CutHub puts your miter saw on the same level with the stand, you and your crew will be safer and more accurate.


We’re confident that once you see for yourself all that CutHub has to offer, you’ll recognize its value for your framing business. Call or visit us online today for more information. As jobsite cut stations go, you can’t beat CutHub!