Saw Tables, Cut Stations & Tool Stands ... Oh My!

The Cut Hub Miter Saw Table and Cut Station

If you’re confused about saw tables, cut stations and tool stands, you’re not alone. These terms are often used interchangeably for portable jobsite workstations — but not all cut stations are created equal.

A good workstation can improve safety, efficiency and productivity. But how are you supposed to choose the right equipment for you and your company? The best approach may be to take a closer look at what each of these terms means and consider the merits and benefits of each product. 

Will Saw Tables Improve Your Work Flow?

Saw tables give you a stable, reliable surface on which to measure and cut lumber. They hold your miter saw or skill saw, allowing you to stand while making your cuts instead of bending over to cut on the ground. 

The concept of a saw table is similar to the DIY version of putting plywood over sawhorses, but with a few critical differences.  A high-quality saw table will be much more stable and provide amenities that a plywood platform can’t offer. As a result, your crew will be more productive and accurate in their cuts.

Are Tool Stands What You Need for Jobsite Efficiency?

Much like a saw table, a tool stand can help improve your crew’s efficiency on the jobsite. 

When you use a tool stand for mounting your saws, you can set up your jobsite workstation quickly. And with a stable surface for measuring and making cuts, you can not only work faster, but also more safely. 

It’s important to note, however, that you won’t reap the many benefits of using a tool stand unless you choose one that’s light enough to be easily portable but heavy-duty enough to stand up to the rigors of your projects.

Can Cut Stations Make Your Job Easier, Safer or More Productive?

When you combine the benefits of a saw table and a tool stand — and throw in some really important safety and accuracy features — you get a true jobsite cut station.

With a cut station, you can measure and make your cuts quickly, safely, accurately and efficiently. A good cut station will help reduce waste and significantly lessen the risk of injuries due to binding and kickback. 

Are you wondering where you can find such an ingenious, all-purpose cut station? Meet CutHub, the best cut station in the construction industry. CutHub is safe, accurate and fast, allowing you to train even a beginner to make journeyman-level cuts in minutes. Our patent-pending brake-stop and measuring system eliminates the need for measuring. CutHub is so light and portable that one person can transport and set it up in minutes. 

To speak to one of the CutHub pros, call or email us today. We look forward to showing you how CutHub can replace saw tables and tool stands to create the most efficient jobsite cut station you’ve ever seen.