Miter Saw Stand and the Top 3 Benefits of Brake Stops

The CutHub Miter Saw Stand

Are you using a portable miter saw stand in your carpentry, contracting or woodworking business? If you’re not, you should be.

When you use a miter saw stand — as opposed to attempting cuts on the ground or on a makeshift worktable you threw together with whatever materials were handy — you can improve the efficiency, safety and profitability of your projects. 

If you have a portable saw table with stops, you can easily set up your cutting station to make precision cuts every time. When you chose a model with brake stops, however, you can elevate your production and quality in ways you never imagined possible.

Here’s Why You Need a Miter Saw Table 

If you’ve been making your cuts the hard way all your life, you might not even realize there’s a better way.

But what you likely do know is that your back has already started giving you problems. You also may be battling shrinking profit margins on your jobs due to lumber waste from inaccurate measurements and bad cuts. 

And then there’s the issue of jobsite safety. How often do you or members of your crew get injured — or almost injured — because your saw binds or kicks? At best, these kinds of accidents can cost you everything you’ve worked for. At worst, someone could be seriously hurt, disfigured or even killed. 

A good miter saw table can address all these issues. But if you make this purchase, you want to be sure you choose a chop saw stand with brake stops. Why is this important? 

No. 1: Miter Saw Stand Brake Stops Reduce Waste

Contactors’ biggest complaint is how much profit they lose in wasted lumber. Every inaccurate measurement and bad cut adds to the scrap heap, taking money directly out of your pocket.

With precision brake stops in place, you’ll reduce measurement errors significantly. In fact, even your newest, most inexperienced crew members can crank out precision cuts all day long.

No. 2: A Miter Saw Table with Brake Stops Improves Quality

 Do you pride yourself on a job well done, or do you let a few little quality control issues slide now and again? If you’re prone to the latter, you’ll quickly find your reputation for carelessness spreading through your industry. 

We all cave to the pressure of our work now and again and take a few shortcuts to get the job done. However, when you have brake stops on your miter saw table, you can make accurate cuts and still finish on time. 

No. 3: Cut Stations with Brake Stops Simplify Your Life

If you’re like most trade contractors and woodworkers, you already have a truck full of tools and equipment that goes with you from jobsite to jobsite. And how much time do you and your crew spend rummaging around for the tape and pencil? 

But by choosing a saw stand with built-in brake stops, you can cut out at least a few tools and put an end to searching the entire jobsite for your pencil. The stops are always right where they belong, ready to help you make that next cut — quickly and accurately.

The Cut Hub chop saw station offers every amenity and benefit you can imagine. It’s lightweight, portable and a single employee can transport, set up and tear down your jobsite cut station by themselves. But it’s the Cut Hub patent-pending brake stop system that really sets us apart from the competition. You’ll never need another tape, pencil or square again, and you can easily slide between measurements on the fly.

When you’re ready to take your woodworking business to the next level, contact us for a detailed information packet. Once you see what Cut Hub can do, you’ll understand why we’re recognized as the premier portable miter saw stand in the industry.