4 Ways a Jobsite Cut Station Can Improve Your Work Life

The Cuthub Cut Station improving Work Life

If you aren’t using a jobsite cut station, you’re not improving your work life. In face your making it far more difficult for yourself and your crew.

Your work is hard enough. Whether you’re a framing or flooring contractor, handyman, remodeling or restoration specialist or anyone else who works with lumber, you don’t have the luxury of wasting wood or time, because both will detract directly from your bottom line. 

Once you see exactly how (and how much) a jobsite cut station will improve your work life, you won’t want to waste another minute doing things the old-school way.

No. 1: Cut Stations Make Things Easier on Your Body

You and your crew already spend your days pushing your body to its limits. Bending, reaching, lifting and wielding heavy objects. Why wouldn’t you want to minimize the amount of physical stress and strain you endure every day? 

A jobsite cut station puts you on the same level with your lumber — unlike the way you’re likely making your cuts now, either directly on the ground or on some makeshift miter saw table. You’ll be able to stand up straight, and as a result, you’ll go home each day without the backaches and pains you’re used to.

No. 2: A Jobsite Cut Station Makes Setup & Teardown a Breeze

What does a normal day on the job look like for you? How long does it take to set up your production area? How much time do you waste setting up before you can get to work?

When you have a good portable cut station, one person can easily load in and set up in just moments. You’ll start work almost immediately. And that means you can complete the job sooner and reduce your labor costs. 

No. 3: Improve Accuracy and Minimize Waste with a Portable Cut Station

At the end of the day, how big is your waste pile? If you calculate the cost of mistakes, you’ll find you’re losing money every day due to inaccurate measurements and cutting mistakes.

With a portable saw table — as long as you choose one with a measuring brake stop — you’ll eliminate most (if not all) that waste. That means you’ll spend less on materials and make more profit per job.

No. 4: A Jobsite Workstation Makes Safety a Priority

Accidents and injuries — potentially serious injuries — are all too common when you’re trying to make your cuts on the ground or a makeshift chop saw stand. Binding and kicking can result in accidents that put you and your crew in harm’s way, with the potential for lost fingers, eye injuries and even head trauma.

A jobsite cut station can substantially improve the safety of the lumber-cutting process. By putting you and your lumber on the same level, you can rip all day without binding or dropping boards.

If you’re ready to improve your work life, we’d like to introduce you to CutHub. Developed specifically to improve quality, increase speed and reduce risk. This revolutionary system addresses virtually every challenge you encounter on the job. Light, portable and compact, it goes wherever you do for easy transport and setup. CutHub’s measuring brake stop lets even a novice produce at a journeyman level with just a few minutes of training.

If you’re ready to transform the way you work, contact us today and learn more about what the CutHub jobsite cut station can do for you.